IT solutions

Our innovative IT business model gives clients confidence that they are getting what they pay for and it allows senior-level consultants the ability to see exactly how they are being represented. Guaranteeing a completely transparent statement of work for both sides of the staffing process sets us apart from recruiting companies and creates the level of trust we have built our reputation upon. inSTAFF Solutions, LLC has built its practice on four fundamental values:


  • Listen.
  • Set client's expectations.
  • Conduct technical interviews.
  • Understand project needs.
  • Write and enforce development standards.
  • Document process flow diagrams.
  • Create run books/operations guidelines.
  • Establish methodology.


  • Working across departmental lines.
  • Willing to help.
  • Being available.
  • Training/Teaching.
  • Collaborating among colleagues.
  • Networking with other consultants.
  • Providing a knowledge base for consultants.

creative thinking

  • Open to new ideas.
  • Constantly analyzing current model.
  • Using innovate business approaches.
  • Thinking outside of the box.
  • Striving to streamline practices and timelines.

adapting to change

  • Knowing technology trends.
  • Working with a sense of urgency.
  • Assimilating to market conditions.
  • Transforming business models.
  • Understanding client's needs.

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